My Somewhat Journey To My First Ever Premium Beautiful Corset : The Best Corset That I Ever Had

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February 26, 2017
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March 14, 2017

My Somewhat Journey To My First Ever Premium Beautiful Corset : The Best Corset That I Ever Had

Assalamualaikummm uolss!

Tajuk atas tu memang London speaking sangatttt hahaha..

Sebenarnya today Olin just nak share my sharing points in online learning website UKM nih (kami panggil ‘ifolio’). At UKM-GSB (UKM Graduate School of Business), semua discussion, task, assignment, group project, quizzes guna this ifolio jer. Go green guys, go green. Heheh.. I believe most universities in Malaysia dah ada system online like this. Lagi pun, zaman dan canggih kan, everything online je sekarang.. Alhamdulillah kerja pun lebih mudah gitu!

Semester 1 dah lepas, result pun dah keluar. Alhamdulillah walaupun tak dapat Dean List but I can say I made it! It was not easy guys I tell you, with the modular programmes, the ‘panda’ eyes that you have to make-up like double on those eyes, hectic life to balance between my business, studies and family, urghhh!

BUT I’VE MADE IT! Alhamdulillah!

Now Semester 2 dah start.. and kelas pertama is Consumer Behavior (I am a MBA student majoring in Marketing). Before kelas start lecturer dah posted slides, tasks and discussion questions in ifolio. Memang kita kena be prepared before datang kelas.

This was one of the discussion question posted by the lecturer in ifolio:

“Reflect in details about ONE good or service that you have purchased.

(1) What are the key factors that influence you to make the purchase?

(2) Given the opportunity to decide again, would you buy the same good/service, why?

Analyze your reflection and up-load your thinking in this discussion topic.”


During the first class when the lecturer asked us to discuss about this in group, I was paired with 2 guys. Initially I wanted to share about my experience in purchasing my first set of Premium Beautiful Corset, but Olin rasa macam tak sesuai lah pulak nak explain kat lelaki, nak nak pulak one of them is foreigner! hahahahah macam kelakar pulak nak explain kat diorang kan. Nanti takut diorang tak faham, the corset language will be like alien to them! Sorry guys hihihi.. Ended up I shared about my purchase of Android Box from, haa yang tu more human kot pada lelaki. hihihihi..

So Olin share kat dalam ifolio on my experience in purchasing my first set of Premium Beautiful Corset (Body Shaping Foundation Lingerie) which I bought in December 2014. Ni Olin copy paste 100% from my answer in the discussion. Saje nak share kat uols pulak




(1) What are the key factors that influence you to make the purchase?




I believe people buy a product/service with a reason, regardless it is a problem or just simply because the product is nice. In this case, I was having a health problems.


I have been searching for a solution to my back pain issue due to bad posture and saggy breast during my breastfeeding journey of my first baby. I have tried painkillers, special-breastfeeding-friendly-pillows and a few exercise techniques to overcome the back pain. However, knowing painkillers are not good if taken for a long time, I have also consumed a few traditional-herbal-medicines, but the back pain was still not healed or even reduced! Not to mention the ‘pouch bag’ and excessive stretchmarks that I had after delivery, which annoyed me all the time (as I was sort of athlete person since schools and I am concern with my S-shape body). I might look slim but it was because I wore bigger clothes, plus I am tall and people did not clearly see my fat stomach, but in fact only I know my body and I was not happy. My level of confidence also reduced as I could not wear pretty dresses, even if I could wear them, the scenery that people would see will surely a nightmare (that was what I had been thinking at that time – due to low self-esteem).


Sales person whom I bought it from


I know the corset since during my single life, just knowing from friends who has been wearing it for confinement set. However, I first know this corset in detail was while having a free sharing and fitting with the consultant (whom has been selling and giving consultation about this corset for more than 5 years) in my office during lunch break.  The moment I saw the person, I have already attracted to her and the way she talks and brought herself made me wanted to listen more about what she has been offering. I believe the first impression matters the most to a sales person. It is just not logic if you are selling those health and beauty products/services but your looks is not as per what your customers should be seeing, right? Even if one is not pretty like Miss Universe, a health and beauty consultant should at least looks presentable to her customers.


Product quality


This factor is somewhat a main key to all sorts of my purchases. I do not care about the brand, so long that the product has a high quality that matches with its price. There are products that have high quality with cheap price, but we normally have to get the product from its main source.


From my experience during my first session with the consultant, she explained that the corset was awarded as a Superbrands products. This award is mainly for products that have highest quality and highest quantity sold. With its unique Far-Infrared-Rays (FIR) technology, as well as being recognised by 3 International Chiropractic Associations, it is no surpise that thousands of Malaysian women have choosen Premium Beautiful Corset. The corset was specially design for 70% health and 30% beauty which has features to provide instant body shaping and slimming, while promotes improved blood circulation and higher metabolic rate. Though each set is made of highly durable quality, it still comes with a Lifetime Warranty. All fabrics meet National Safety Technical Standard for Textile Products and I.S.O. 3759, 6330 and 105 (C06, E04, X12) to prevent allergies. These standards conform with the fabrics as a good temperature regulator with the closest skin pH.


There are 3 pieces in 1 set. The waist nipper has seven (7) alloy steel bars that has 360 degrees elasticity to promote highest level of comfort which exert intense compression to the waist, spine and abdomen. It helps to reduce my back pain issue. The long girdle helps to reduce my fat stomach. The long bra helps to reduce my saggy breast. All in this corset helps me to conture back my S-shape body, hence I can wear whatever clothes I like.




The price is surprisingly affordable, and not too expensive as compared to other quality corset within its range. I believe it is because this corset is made in Malaysia, in which we as Malaysian have an advantage on the price. As I mentioned earlier, there are products that have high quality with cheap price, but we normally have to get the product from its main source. This corset is one of it.


Good reviews


Basically after my session with the consultant before I bought the corset, I searched ‘Premium Beautiful’ in Google, and it turned out to be more than 10 million hits in Google Search and so many good reviews about it. I was still not fully satisfied, I even asked around my friends who have been wearing it and they have also recommended me to buy it.


Even if I purchase other products online, I tend to search more information about the products through reliable sources before I click ‘BUY’.



(2) Given the opportunity to decide again, would you buy the same good/service, why?


Yes, because I have found solution to my problems. I am very satisfied with it and the after sales service that I still get from my consultant until now is superb. In fact I have 3 sets of this corset with the same size that I had for 2 years already.





Premium Beautiful Corset – The best health and beauty corset in Malaysia

Tu jerrr sharing Olin kat discussion. And thanks uols for reading. Rajin koranggg.. Nah belanja sikit gambar buat penyeri entry ni and penyejuk mata uols. heheheh






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  1. Radhiah says:

    Alhamdulillah.. Worth reading for today.. Great knowledge and full of information about why we must choose Premium Beautiful instead of other corset brand out there..Thanx olin for the good sharing..

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